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"A Hall of Fame is a Museum with a Personality," says Buck Dawson ofthe International
Swimming Hall of Fame. "Whereas an anthropological museum deals in the composite man, a
Hall of Fame deals in specific men and women - personalities whose talent and achievement
express biographically the dramatic episodes displayed in the Hall of Fame. Hence, it is a living
museum, even though some of the honorees are deceased. It tells the story of measured
accomplishment in the tenus of the talented heroes and heroines who were the high achievers in
the activity honored, be it music, theater, sport's or education."

"Our Educators' Hall of Fame," she explains, "is where great souls are gathered for their
accomplishments, unselfish giving and courage. We especially honor the retired educator and
those who have served for at least twenty years in the educational arena. They also must have
done more than just their duty."

Patricia Adelekan, Ph.D., founder of the Youth-on-the-Move, Inc. Educators' Hall of Fame, in
1993 in Sacramento, California, U.S.A., agrees that a Hall of Fame is a museum of living
personalities and sometimes includes outstanding deceased educators.

And the tenu 'educator' is used in the broadcast sense of the word: all fields of study and all
levels are honored - academic, science, medicine, tourism, childhood/nursery, religion,
sports, law, aviation, the arts, etc.; pre-school educators through university professors.
Research on Halls of Fame in the world reveals that this is the only one of its kind.

Any persons may nominate a candidate. To be eligible for nomination, an educator must be
retired and/or have served at least 20 years in the field and must have done more than the call of
duty. Many are "Firsts," "Pioneers," "Trailblazers," "Survivors" and, they are all considered role
models. After nominees submit the necessary documents, a rigorous selection process follows.
Finally, the selected Inductees are feted publicly and honored in a commemorative document
International Educators' Hall of Fame: USA.

The location of the Showcase of Hall of Fame in the United States is the Florin Mall in
Sacramento, California. Another is located in the Middle East/Africa! Asia Region, the
Integrated Thebes Language Schools, 49 Ismailia Desert Road, Cairo, Egypt. The Hall of Fame
started as a local United States entity and became international in 1996. Overseas Celebrations
took place on June 7, 1997, February 1998, and April 1999. The YOM I Cultural Heritage
Presentation Educators' Hall of Fame was established in Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.A. in 1997;
and in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2000. We are proud of all "Hall of Famers" and appreciate
the legacies they create and leave behind. Year 2013, our 20 Year Anniversary; it is marked for
the us to be blessed with a real Museum, Archives, Library and cultural center focused on
Educators and their works, contribution, stories, materials and legacies. We invite you to be a
part of it. Ask, How can I serve."

Hall of Fame 2013
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